Fiber Foods for Children


Fiber Foods for Children that are Important to Know -  Fiber is a type of nutritional content that is needed a lot by the body. Not only adults, children also really need fiber intake.

Most children often do not get enough fiber intake. This condition is normal, because foods that have a high fiber content, such as fruit and vegetables, children often don't like these two types of food.

But parents don't need to worry about this. Because there are other types of food that contain high fiber, and these foods may be popular with children, including:


Beans are a type of food that has high fiber content. Most children prefer to consume nuts in snack packages. You can also process it as a delicious peanut cake.


One tablespoon of corn contains two grams of fiber. Corn is a type of food that is easy to make into delicious food such as corn omelette which is a food made from corn. So there's no harm in trying it so that your child's body is filled with fiber intake.


One serving of avocado contains about three grams of fiber, which is enough to make your child healthier. This fruit can be used as a drink, namely juice which might be used as a drink that is popular with children. so there's no harm in trying it.

Wheat bread

Bread is a food that is almost loved by children. But try to have whole wheat bread that is high in fiber, not white bread that comes from ordinary flour. Whole wheat bread contains enough fiber to help increase your child's daily fiber intake levels. Try mixing it with toppings or jam so that your child likes it more.


Pasta is a type of food that is rich in fiber. Pasta is a food that is not difficult to prepare and has many types of processed dishes.


Peas contain fiber which is good for children to consume. This healthy food can strengthen your child's immune system.


Rather than having your child have rice for breakfast, you should give him a portion of oatmeal which contains high fiber. This type of healthy food can improve the health of the digestive organs. You can mix oatmeal with other healthy ingredients so that your little one will be more interested in eating it.

Apples and Pears

Apart from having a sweet and refreshing taste, apples and pears also contain fiber. Both pears and apples can be consumed by children as snacks.


Mushrooms are a type of food that has fiber and are easy to process into delicious food, mix mushrooms with your child's food menu, or you can also turn them into delicious and tasty crispy ones.

These are the types of fibrous foods that children are most likely to like. So there's no harm in you as a parent trying it so that your child continues to get fiber intake for his body.

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